Conquering the Hanoi Youth Football League! Rong xanh co len!!!

The HYFL has just started its second season. This year Blue Dragon United joins the league with 2 teams U13 and U15. We are all so excited to come to Long Bien stadium early on Sunday where U15 will come to Xuan La for their game straight after an hour practice. U13 often plays in the afternoon so they can get some time to relax at home before the kick-off at 4:30pm.

U15s play 11 aside so the rules which include off-side are very different from the games we usually play. In addition, the grass field is massive compared to our small pitches at Long Bien Stadium, which can be quite overwhelming for our boys. However, they did a great job of adjusting the strategy and made a great effort to adapt to the new rules and space. Still a long way to go but it's obvious that other teams will not have an easy time facing our dragons of U15.

The U13 team is mainly formed by our last year U12s. They have improved a lot after the first season. All players play with a great attitude, follow the team's strategy and perform great skills. Everyone is eager to win. All the best to our little blue dragons!!!

Special thanks to our sponsors: Hanoi Peace Dental Clinic and Hanoi Youth Football League

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